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Did Cambodia find the way to stop Traffic cops corruption?

Traffic cop cambodiaCambodia just Made It Legal for Cops to Keep 70% of All the Traffic Fines They Collect.

Are you planning on visiting Cambodia? Attention: Since January Traffic cops will personally receive commission of 70% on traffic fines they issue. According to this new law coming into effect in January, are an attempt to stop corruption, Currently, traffic cops keep half of much smaller penalties, meaning that many supplement their meager salaries by soliciting bribes, sound familiar???

Might be a great idea to implement it in South Africa, do you think it will work?

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Selecting car insurance companies

When looking for a reliable company in South Africa to insure your car with, there are quite a few factors which you need to consider, in order to make sure that you only deal with the best. In this article, we look at tips on what to consider when searching for the best car insurance companies.

Are they a legitimate car insurance company?

When looking at car insurance companies, you need to make sure that the company you choose is legitimate. This means that they need to be registered with the Financial Services Board and they need...

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Tips for attaining the best car insurance quote

When you are looking for car insurance quote from various insurance companies, there are certain factors which you have to keep in mind. A car insurance quote refers to the amount it will cost to acquire insurance cover for your vehicle. Although different companies offer different packages and benefits, there are certain things which you should keep in mind:

Ways of attaining a car insurance quote:

If you come across an insurance company that you would like to get a car insurance quote from, you can either do this online, or you can usually speak to an agent. Getting quotes online...

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Should car insurance premiums depend on your age group?

When it comes to being a car insurance risk, it is no secret that different age groups present different risk factors. For example, men under the age of twenty five are known to be more prone to speeding and drinking and driving. They are therefore considered to be a higher insurance risk. The question remains though, should car insurance premiums be based on these age-related risk factors?

Different age groups react differently in driving situations. Older people tend to drive more slowly and cautiously than younger people and this can present problems. For example, if an elderly person is driving...

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Car Insurance For Woman

As a woman living in South Africa, you may feel that it is necessary to use a car insurance company which caters strictly for women. After all, women drivers are generally more cautious than male drivers, and don’t feel the need to attempt crazy stints on the road or any other questionable behaviour which may put your car at risk.

You have probably seen the humorous T.V advertisements for First for Women car insurance- the South African car insurance company which caters strictly for women!

First for women car insurance understands that women are a lower risk on the road, so...

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