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Third party, fire and theft cover

Even though it is more ideal to take out comprehensive car insurance, many people opt for Third party, fire and theft cover. This type of car insurance lies in the middle of the three types, as it is neither as extensive as comprehensive cover, nor as limited as Third party only cover.

When we speak of ‘third party’ cover, an example is as follows: If you were to crash into another vehicle and the accident was deemed to be your fault, then despite not being able to claim for damage to your own car, you’d at least be covered for...

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Is cheap car insurance always better?

It seems that people are always out to find cheap car insurance. Companies advertise cheap car insurance with promises of low premiums and all the benefits you can think of. This may sound appealing, but it is important to stop and think about whether cheaper is always better. As the saying goes, if something is too good to be true, it usually is. Consider the following factors before you opt for the cheapest car insurance.

Car insurance is there to suit different needs, depending on lifestyle and how often one drives.  When looking at cheap car insurance, you need to...

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Third party cover

Third-party-coverWhen it comes to car insurance, third party cover is generally the cheapest and most basic type of car insurance. With this type of insurance, you are only covered for any damage done to the vehicle of a third party, as well as any injuries incurred by the third party involved in the accident. Your car is not covered in the event of it being damaged by fire or if it is damaged as a result of an attempted theft.

For example, if you have third party cover and you were to crash into another car, then your liability towards the driver of the other car would be...

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What is Comprehensive insurance?

When it comes to car insurance in South Africa, there are three main types available: Comprehensive insurance; Third party, fire and theft insurance; and Third party only insurance. In this article, let’s take a closer look at the most extensive type of cover, namely comprehensive insurance:

By law, drivers need to at least have Third party only insurance, which means that they would be covered against any claims made by drivers who are involved in an accident which is your fault. The problem with this, however, is that you cannot make claims for damages caused to your own car unless...

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Types of Car Insurance

For most car insurance companies in South Africa, there are three types of car insurance available, namely comprehensive car insurance; third party, fire and theft cover; and third party cover.

In this article, we will look closely at these three types of car insurance, so that you can be well informed when it comes to making a decision about which type of car insurance is right for you.

Comprehensive car insurance is the most extensive car insurance option available. You are covered for theft and hijacking, as well as any damage caused by weather conditions or accidents. Comprehensive car insurance also...

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