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Unity Insurance

unity-insuranceUnity Insurance Ltd is an insurance company which was established in 2004. Unity Insurance aims to establish a working environment through its insurance solutions to their target market that will not only attract them, but also to retain the skilled people in South Africa from all the respective sectors in the country’s economy. They believe that real success comes from within and that is why their business is structured in such a way that their internal workings mirror their external target market. Unity Insurance prides itself on subscribing to an inclusive philosophy that really understands tomorrow’s world today.

Unity Insurance offers personal cover and business insurance. Under personal insurance, Unity offers a number of options including vehicle cover, motorcycle cover, watercraft cover, trailer cover, caravan cover and home contents cover.

When it comes to Unity Insurance vehicle cover, Unity Insurance has various solutions to satisfy their customers’ needs. Four options are available: Comprehensive cover; 3rd Party, Fire and Theft cover; Third Party Only cover; and Off-Road Comprehensive cover.

With Comprehensive cover from Unity Insurance, you will be provided with insurance cover if your vehicle is involved in an accident or stolen. You may also claim for the damage caused to other parties' property.

With 3rd Party, Fire and Theft cover, you may claim for certain specified damage to the vehicle or if it is stolen. You can also claim for the damage you caused to other parties' property. You may not claim for accident damage to your vehicle.

Third party only cover will only cover you for third party claims, and finally, Unity Insurance also offers Off-road comprehensive cover, which means you may claim for any accident damage to the vehicle, or if it is stolen. This option also allows you to claim for the damage you caused to other parties' property.

Unity Insurance also allows clients to add the ‘Siyabonga Bonus’ to their policy which rewards clients with their entire 1st year's or 25% of premiums back, whichever is less, in cash, after 4 years of claim-free, uninterrupted insurance. The Siyabonga Bonus also includes Assist benefits such as Road assist (both breakdown and accident assistance); Trauma assist; Medical assist; Entertainment assist; Legal assist and Home assist.

Unity Insurance contact details:

Tel: 0860 10 39 39
Email: uinsure@um.co.za
Website: www.uinsure.co.za
Emergency Assist: 011 489 4900
Claims & Policy Services: 011 489 4900


  1. Joshua

    Car insurance quotation urgent

    Pls contact me @084977xxxx
    Thank you.

  2. Vincent

    Hi, My mother has a car insurance with you guys, so she called me just now complaining telling me why do your insurance fee increases every year whereas the car is getting old? I’m in Gauteng she is in Limpopo so I couldnt realy read what is wtitten on the papers she is having, because all she said is it keeps raising since 2012.

  3. sanga sodzeme

    i need quote for 2016 cherv spark 1.2 campus

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