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Car Insurance For Woman

As a woman living in South Africa, you may feel that it is necessary to use a car insurance company which caters strictly for women. After all, women drivers are generally more cautious than male drivers, and don’t feel the need to attempt crazy stints on the road or any other questionable behaviour which may put your car at risk.

You have probably seen the humorous T.V advertisements for First for Women car insurance- the South African car insurance company which caters strictly for women!

First for women car insurance understands that women are a lower risk on the road, so...

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First for Women Insurance

First for Women, now officially known as 1st for Women, is an insurance company with a difference, as it provides insurance for women only. It caters for the specific needs of women, allowing female motorists to benefit from cheaper vehicle insurance premiums. 1st for Women also handles a wide range of products and benefits that have been designed with South African women in mind.

The First for Women brand was created after research revealed that the number of women taking out their own insurance policies was increasing and that there was a gap in the market to offer these women an insurance product catering for...

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