The Best Car Insurance Companies In South Africa

The Best Car Insurance Companies In South Africa

Finding the best car insurance companies in South Africa can be a very draining experience. Because of the countless options we have. It becomes even harder when you have to make a financial decision based on what you see and hear, not knowing if these companies regarded reputable or not. The last thing you want to do is get insured by a company that will not pay your claims. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

A new website, is empowering South Africans to make informed financial purchasing decisions with its innovative concept of comparing financial products based on what your friends & other social media users like and recommend.

It's far easier to trust a friend with past experiences with a company than a stranger. Thus, LikeMoney is honest and fair in helping their customers and clients. The website provides unbiased, objective and independent information so users of the platform can evaluate the benefits of financial and consumer products. As a result, users can exercise confidence when purchasing insurance products based on reviews of real people on social media regardless of the price tag of a product.

visit likemoney car insurance comparison page to view the most liked car insurance companies.

Some of the most popular Insurance providers in South Africa are:

King Price Car Insurance

They are quite new to the insurance market, and although they’re not as big as some of the rest, they do have the most positive feedback from all the insurance providers out there. One of the reasons, they offer a ground-breaking insurance cover that gives them a competitive edge. King Price Car Insurance takes into account your car’s decreasing value. As a result, you pay less on your car insurance every month as the value of the car decreases.


Discovery Car Insurance

Discovery Car insurance offers flexible and affordable insurance options that are comprehensive for your vehicle and all your other vehicles. They provide many benefits like paying no excess fees should your car be stolen, hijacked, should your vehicle burn our due to fire or lightning, explosion, storms, water damage, hail damage, snow, etc. Almost every natural disaster is covered. Plus, your claims are handled quickly, efficiently and equitably.

And then there is

Outsurance Car Insurance

Being one of the biggest car insurance providers since 1998, Outsurance offers household insurance in addition to car insurance. They are known for their slogan, “You always get something out.” Ranked very well amongst other car insurance providers, they offer tailored car insurance premiums that are entirely known for their low cost. Outsurance also pays out cash bonuses for drivers who stay loyal to them and remain claim free for a period.

These are just three insurance providers, visit likemoney to compare many other products such as credit cards, bank accounts, insurance, broadband & more.

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