Natsure Insurance

Natsure Insurance

natsure insuranceNatsure insurance is a niche, specialist short term insurance business that operates mainly through Underwriting Management Agencies (UMA).

They have been in business for more than 46 years, having been established in 1968 as the niche short term insurance subsidiary of Saambou Holdings Limited, exclusively providing cover for homeowner properties. In 2003, the business was privately acquired and comprehensively reorganised and repositioned as a niche insurance group specialising in the scientific underwriting of carefully selected risks and operating exclusively through Underwriting Management Agencies.

Because Natsure specializes in niche short term insurance products, they largely avoid commoditised products and markets and rather seek out opportunities that allow them and their UMA partners to introduce profitable innovations into the market.

Natsure insurance offers products in broad product categories including Aviation; Engineering; Construction Guarantees; Breakage Deposit, Residential & Commercial Guarantees; Leisure Vehicles; Liability; Livestock; Property, and marine transportation.

The insurance spectrum of Natsure runs from the small home owners to the largest commercial properties and buildings across South Africa, providing options for completely developed and finished properties, as well as Natsure insurance options for each phase of the building process during the development of the property.

There is an insurance option available to meet the needs and requirements of each industry, and tailor made insurance products are available for landlords and owners of sectional titles as to enhance their protection and peace of mind.

According to Natsure Insurance, their people are the reason for their success. They operate in an informal environment where the self-starter and frustrated entrepreneur flourish. With a meaningful staff shareholding in the business, they are truly an owner-managed business. Success breeds success and as a meritocracy their employees operate in an environment where the best are rewarded and incentivised to excel.

Natsure also pride themselves on satisfied clients and brokers. They understand that their clients always come first so consistently delivering top quality client service is therefore a deeply entrenched part of the Natsure culture.

Natsure Insurance contact details:

Tel:  0861 477 752
Emergency Assist: 0860 266 822
Claims & Policy Services: 0860 266 822

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