Unitrans Insurance

Unitrans Insurance

unitras-insuranceUnitrans Insurance is a fully-licensed short term insurance company which was originally registered in 1999 as ‘U-Insure’. It has now built a substantial base of business in the areas of Credit Protection, New Vehicle Warranty, Used Vehicle Warranty and ExtraCover (Top Up) Insurance.

Unitrans Insurance Limited is able to serve the South African market with a wide range of their insurance needs.

Unitrans Insurance focuses mainly on motor insurance through their dynamic and specialised insurance solutions. One of the products offered by Unitrans Insurance is the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance plan which is for new and pre-owned vehicles. With this plan, the customer's vehicle is insured for breakdown of the major mechanical components, such as engine, gearbox, differential, drive shafts, steering, fuel system, and braking and cooling systems. This includes the benefit of full AA Fleetcare Plus subscription which entails roadside assistance, towing costs, rental car costs and legal services coverage.

An optional extension is the Top-Up or Double-Up benefit, which will substantially enhance the already sizeable benefits the standard policy offers.

Unitrans Insurance also offers the Shortfall, Excess and Deposit Cover which is a program that will meet the needs of private as well as corporate customers, including those on allowance schemes. Unitrans Insurance is aware that your vehicle may well be the most high-risk asset you own and that it is likely that you may lose money on insurance claims. Therefore, the Shortfall, Excess and Deposit Cover program is designed to ensure that you don’t lose money when making an insurance claim on your vehicle.

With shortfall cover, Unitrans Insurance will pay the difference between the amount you owe your finance institution and the amount your comprehensive insurer pays out when your vehicle is written off or stolen. This can eliminate the Credit Shortfall debt you would ordinarily have to cover with your own cash.

In the event of minor accidental body damage such as dents and scratches, Bodyline Maintenance Cover will provide you with cover up to R1 500 if the total cost of your repairs is less than your excess payable in terms of your underlying comprehensive insurance policy. A small claims handling fee will be payable.

In the event of the total loss of your vehicle, the Excess Protection Cover from Unitrans Insurance will pay your comprehensive insurance policy excess for you, to a maximum of 10% of your vehicle's value, limited to R50 000.

Finally, Unitrans’s deposit cover will refund you the pro rata portion of your lost deposit for the remaining period of your credit agreement, If your vehicle is stolen or written off, resulting in you losing some or all of your deposit.

Unitrans Insurance also offers a Maintenance Plan which covers all mechanical aspects of vehicle maintenance including servicing and repairs. This includes a breakdown assistance procedure if you are stranded. Should this happen, clients can contact the Unitrans AA 24 hour helpline.

Unitrans Insurance contact details:

Tel: 011 549 3100
Email: uinsure@um.co.za
Website: www.uinsure.co.za
Emergency Assist: 0861 01 01 00
Claims & Policy Services: 011 549 3100

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