Car Insurance For Woman

Car Insurance For Woman

As a woman living in South Africa, you may feel that it is necessary to use a car insurance company which caters strictly for women. After all, women drivers are generally more cautious than male drivers, and don’t feel the need to attempt crazy stints on the road or any other questionable behaviour which may put your car at risk.

You have probably seen the humorous T.V advertisements for First for Women car insurance- the South African car insurance company which caters strictly for women!

First for women car insurance understands that women are a lower risk on the road, so they offer policies which are affordable and suit women’s needs. They realise that there is a need for car insurance for woman so they have put policies together to benefit women.

This car insurance company for woman offers four types of car insurance policies: Comprehensive cover; Third party, fire and theft cover; Third party cover; and Better value insurance.

Comprehensive cover is the most extensive of the options, providing cover for accidents caused by car owner, as well as any third party costs. Other benefits are also included in this policy such as medical costs, towing costs, and the option of hiring a car while yours is being repaired.

Third party, fire and theft insurance will cover you against any damage to your car caused by fire, theft, and damage to a third party’s car. However, you will not be covered for any damage caused to your own vehicle. Luckily it will cover towing services, medical cover, and car hire while you wait for your own car to be ready for the road after an accident.

Third party only cover, as the name suggests, will only cover you for damage caused to a third party’s vehicle. However, you can increase your liability to cover other options for a small fee.

Better Value Insurance is a fairly new policy which allows you to replace your written off car with a model which is one year newer! This policy applies to cars which are less or equal to eight years old. This is just another great benefit of this car insurance company for woman.

Overall, opting for car insurance for woman can be very beneficial as it allows women to have their specific needs catered for with affordable policies. If you are a lady in South Africa, you should seriously consider 1st for women insurance!

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